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Botox Treatments

Botox is one of the safest and most popular cosmetic medical procedures in the world. It has been FDA approved for more than 30 years. After millions of injections, the predictable results and safety in treating facial wrinkles have won millions of devotees. Our physicians and staff have additional training and certification in facial enhancement with Botox (BTX-A) and Dermal Fillers.

Botox eliminates facial wrinkles by freezing the action of muscles that create wrinkles. In the small doses used in cosmetic treatment, wrinkles are safely minimized. The most popular and beneficial areas of injection are in the upper face.

We offer Botox for wrinkle treatment or prevention for the following areas:
• Eyebrow frown lines
• Crow's feet around the eyes
• Upper nose wrinkles
• Forehead wrinkles

Botox starts to take effect after 3 -7 days and results last about 3 months. That means that some individuals will experience longer effects and some will have shorter effects. While many wrinkles can be completely smoothed away with Botox, facial lines that are deeply set may take a long time to smooth away or may never go away completely in aged or sagging skin. Additional procedures, such as laser or injectable fillers may be necessary for optimal results. During our FREE consultation, we will help you decide on the best combination of treatments suited to your specific needs.

For more information about our Botox treatments or to schedule an appointment, please complete the contact us form or call us at call 1-855-863-6465.

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