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The Dots Program is Tattoo Removal Centers of America's philanthropic program which removes cancer survivors' radiation tattoos for FREE.

Cancer Survivors who have undergone radiation therapy are often left with the radiation tattoos --- the "bull's eyes" used by oncologists to outline the area being treated with radiation. Some people find that tattoos that are visible for example above a low-cut dress or bathing suit. Others simply find them unsightly. For some people, the tattoos are a painful reminder of a terrible ordeal.

The Dots Program was created and developed by Ava Leipzig and Maggie Mass to help give Cancer Survivors a true symbolic end to a successfully fought battle.

A letter of permission for removal of the radiation dots from the patient's radiation oncologist is required for participation in this program. For more information about this FREE program, please contact 1-855- UNDO-INK or complete the contact us form.

The Tattoo Removal Centers of America reserves appointments especially to accommodate our Dots Program Patients.

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