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Mark Mass, M.D.   tattoo removal cost

After graduating Cum Laude in Engineering from the Marquette University, Dr. Mass went on to graduate from the University of Illinois Medical School. Dr. Mass is a Board Certified Physician who has worked extensively in Medical Education and has served in Clinical Instructor and Assistant Professor roles. As well, Dr. Mass has worked as a Flight Physician and has served as a Director of EMS (working closely with Firefighters, Police and Paramedics). Dr. Mass has spent many years working with both Emergency Medicine and Occupational Health populations. He has been invited to lecture about Laser Tattoo Removal as well as current medical issues. Dr. Mass is widely recognized for his expertise in medical procedures. Dr. Mass donates his time to philanthropic Projects and the Clinic's "Dots Program" which donates it's services to help cancer survivors remove their radiation tattoos.

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